Thursday, October 18, 2007

I love the internet

I listen to ABC FM when I drive. Today on my way to work, I heard a recommendation for a busker in NY's Central Park, who it appears is taking the world by storm through YouTube. The busker is a ukulele player, not my favourite instrument. The player is Jake Shimabukuro. While driving I memorised the spelling to find the video on YouTube as I was intrigued by the recommendation from this classical station.

I got the spelling wrong but nevertheless, Google corrected this and up came over 50,000 entries for Jake. Here is one of them:

If I knew how to insert the video clip I would do this but this expertise is not mine...yet.

In previous times when I heard recommendations like this I would have gone to a record shop and tracked the player down and bought the record/CD/DVD. That sequence tells its own story - I still talk about records, but have only recently stopped talking about the wireless (radio) and radiogram (CD player).
Today I typed three words and pressed a button.

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Bec said...

Well done, Sara!

I have just taught my mother to look up artists on the web before she goes looking for them in stores, but I didn't think to tell her to search YouTube. I will.

(I'm a bit worried my mother is going to become more technologically proficient than I am, thereby compromising my position as resident technologist!)